Simon Robinson   Jazz Piano - Organ - Keyboards


Simon Robinson is an exceptional jazz pianist, composer and arranger. He is based in Brighton and is involved in many bands and music projects.  As an associate lecturer on the Chichester Jazz Course for the last 17 years Simon has been involved in teaching Jazz within the Brighton scene over a long period, and now has the pleasure of playing with many graduates that he initially taught.

He plays Jazz piano, Hammond organ and keyboards, with many talented musicians in trios, quartets, his own quintet and larger ensembles, contributing to arrangements and compositions. Simon is also known as ‘The Godfather', keyboard player for the well-established funk band ‘Oomphf’ generally revered as ‘the’ funk band in Brighton and in big demand over the UK.

Many of Simon’s own compositions and projects can be listened to on the audio visual page.

‘Another Thought’ is a collaborative European project in which Simon's compositions are featured. Incorporating   audio, visual, dance and movement, produced and directed in The Hague by Charley Dumerniet.

His latest project ‘Root Strata’ with Geoff Hearn on alto flute and soprano sax is engineered and produced by Simon.This music is broadly in a world/ambient genre with a depth that only Jazz musicians could bring. You can listen to all this and many other recordings either on the next page
or on Simon's discography site

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